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Tahoba Ltd honour and respect your integrity and your right to have full control over your personal and sensitive information. We will always inform you about all personal data we are collecting and why, and always do all in our power to protect your data as much as possible.

In the Tahoba Ltd (”The Company”)  Security and Cookie Policy for personal data we inform you about what information we collect and hold in our servers, why we collect your personal data, how you can have control over your data and how you can contact us. This Security and Cookie Policy is applied to the use of applications, websites and for services connected or used with an application or website operated by The Company. The Company is responsible for your personal data that has been collected regarding the use of, possible sharing and storing of your personal data according to and in compliance with current legislation.

Below you can see a summary of what happens on the website during your visit

  1. We track your activity, and might use the information for future marketing.
  2. At certain times we collect your personal data in order to deliver better marketing communication, product information and improve customer relations.
  3. We use your personal data by sending it through our integrated systems.
  4. We store your personal data in our system for analytic and marketing purposes.
  5. We use automated profiling based on your web activity, and your profile and your personal data may be used for marketing purposes.

Personal data that we collect

Tahoba Ltd will always collect your personal data from you as our customer. Some examples of personal data that we collect are your name, contact information such as mobile phone number and e-mail address. The Company might also use public databases and registers, if we deem this necessary to maintain relevant and good registry care.

Tahoba Ltd will register, or may register your personal data:

  1. In connection to registration to a service that is offered by or connected to any source or platform operated under Tahoba Ltd.
  2. When you submit your e-mail address or mobile phone number in an application or a website operated by The Company.
  3. If you connect to or contact us by e-mail, phone, our websites and applications or social media.
  4. When you register to receive The Company´s newsletter.
  5. When you visit our websites, applications, inclusive but not limited to, traffic data, location data, web logs and all other communication such as your IP-address, computer information, operating system and web browser used during your visit.

We collect personal data with your approval

By using our registration to any service, application or offer as well as any other product operated by The Company (for example: registration for newsletter, accessing an offer, using the website etc.)  you automatically give us your approval to collect your personal data (for example: your name, phone number and e-mail address) in accordance to this policy, and also allow this to be used for marketing purposes for the product or service exposed in connection to the website or application you are submitting your personal data to.

We also collect your IP-address, geo-location and your interest in order to give you better offers based on your given information as well as providing you a better experience during your visit.

In connection to you visiting our website you also agree to our use of cookies, regarding both first party cookies as well as third party cookies on your computer. The cookies used are there for tracking you, your interest and your surfing behaviour in order for us to be able to offer you a better experience as well as targeted marketing.

Our use of your personal data

The Company will use your personal data for, but not limited to, purposes given below as well as for other purposes informed to you at the time of collection.

  1. To complete orders and/or registrations of services through any website or platform operated or offered by The Company;
  2. To facilitate good customer service, such as handling your questions, correct faulty personal data or to send you information you requested or are registered to (for example newsletter);
  3. Information regarding order and/or registration are collected and stored for analytic purposes, as well as a ground for personal offers, discounts and both generic and targeted marketing;
  4. To be able to administer customer profiles and analytic data as well as market research;
  5. For system administration and for producing statistical data regarding our users’ behaviour and surfing pattern, without identification of a single user. All statistical data is collected and anonymously;
  6. To be able, through analytical data regarding behaviour and pattern on our applications and websites, to create, deliver and improve our products and services;
  7. Your personal data may also be used for performing segmentation/profiling, for us to be able to create and deliver targeted offers and services;
  8. To send you information and marketing through SMS, e-mail, application, push or through other digital services such as social media to offer a living and active customer relation with us;
  9. For contact with you through application, SMS, e-mail as well as post about offers, campaigns or services that we may think suitable for you. You can chose at any time to cancel this particular type of marketing;
  10. To be able to offer you suitable recommendations, offers and tailored services based on what attracts others with similar behaviour and pattern, what service you have chosen and what you have been showing an interest for;
  11. To help us improve and develop our websites and applications to become more useful and user friendly and to improve your user experience from all the services and platforms operated by The Company, to be able to customise the display of the services to the device being used;
  12. To be able to send important messages such as communication regarding changes and/or updates in our terms and conditions as well as this Security and Cookie Policy;

Sharing of your personal data

We may share your information and/or personal data with other companies that handle and distribute data for The Company, to be able to offer our services, for example analytic research, distribution or other services to maintain and use our terms and conditions and terms of delivery.  However, in all handling of personal data, the highest security and confidentiality are always maintained.

The Company only works/deals with partners that handle personal data within the EU/ESS or with companies that maintain the same level of security and protection used within EU/ESS through, for example following the Privacy Shield agreement between EU and USA.

About cookies

When using our websites or applications, we may collect your personal data through cookies. This is only done with your agreement. At that time we collect and store information about your use of our website and what pages you have been visiting. This might include technical specifications about your device, your ISP as well as your operating system, web browser, IP-address, cookies and unique identifiers. During a visit on our websites or applications where our services are offered, we may use different techniques to recognise you as our user in order to learn more about our users. This can be done direct by us and first party cookies or through third-party technology or third-party cookies. If you at any time wish to be forgotten on/by our website and/or application, just delete your cookies related to our website/application according to the instructions of your web browser.

Legal basis, storage and deletion of personal data

By submitting your information as well as personal data to The Company, you automatically give your agreement to The Company to register and store your personal data and the service or product you have bought or have registered for, as well as your agreement to The Company using the submitted information and personal data for in this Security and Cookie Policy specified purposes. As legal basis for treatment of personal data, The Company will refer to fulfilment of agreement, legitimate interest or consent. If The Company should refer to legitimate interest as basis, will that only happen in connection to above given purposes.

Please note that you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us. For contact details, please read “How to contact us” below.

The treatment, handling and storage takes place in accordance with current legislation, which means that your personal data will not be stored longer than necessary with regard to the purposes of collection and use. The Company will store your personal data and your information as long as you are a customer or user of a platform operated by The Company. For marketing purposes, information which is older than 3 years will not be used. This means, in practice, that data is deleted when they are no longer current or necessary for analyses or direct marketing for the purposes for which they have been collected. Some information may be stored longer when required by other legal requirements, such as the Accounting Act. In all handling of personal data, the highest security and strict confidentiality are always observed.

Your rights and your choices

You have rights regarding your personal data and you have the option to control your information and what is saved. The Company will, on its own or the customer’s initiative, correct the information that may be found to be incorrect. You can at any given time request that your information shall be deleted or that its use shall be limited, by contacting us (for contact information please see heading “How to contact us” below). If you believe that your rights are not respected by us, please contact The Company.

You can at any time refrain from receiving marketing communications from us by contacting us or by unsubscribing from further communication in e-mails and text messages that we sent you. You are always welcome to contact our customer service for assistance in rejecting or unsubscribing from our services and communications.

You may, once a year, free of charge, receive information about which personal data is registered, by requesting in writing a so called registry extract from Tahoba Ltd.

Links to other websites

In the event that our website contains links to third party websites, other websites, or materials published by third parties, these links are for informational purposes only. Therefore, since The Company has no control over these websites or its material, we can not be held responsible in any way for any kind of damage caused by its contents. The Company can also not be held responsible for any damages or losses that might arise in connection to your use of these links.

How to contact us

For more information about collection, use and storage of personal data or if you have any questions, please contact us at:

Tahoba Ltd

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